This is the list of materials we are in need of to get the Youth Annex Open and Functional, we will bold items as they are donated or purchased.
Five fire extinguishers
Eight Residential Smoke alarms
Misc Hardware Nails, Screws, Nuts Bolts
Five exit signs with emergency lights
250 Feet of Rope that could be used as a hand rail for emergency egress 
Weatherproof wireless Doorbell
six double sided same keyed deadbolt
Single or double External Outswing door w/jamb no taller or wider than 8ft
Some type of fencing we can put in front of windows to protect glass from baseballs.
Additional Lumber
12 pressure treated 4x4x10
12 pressure treated 2x4x10
bucket of 3″ torque screws
75 4″ concrete screws
25 6 foot LED Shop Lights with 6ft cord and bulbs
18 metal single gang outlet boxes
18 outlet covers
18 20amp 125v outlets
500′ of 12 gauge Red, White, Black, Green Wire
Floor Covering
We have two hallways that need any kind of easy high traffic floor covering
6ftx20ft each
If you are interested in helping with this list or the construction itself, contact Kaylan