So here we are, we all know how hard it is to practice during the spring for any sport.  Through some awesome local partners, we have the start of a solution.

We have secured a 13,000 square foot space that will allow us to have at least two operational batting cages as well as full length pitching spaces, a strength training center, a cardio area and a classroom that will allow homework, studying, coaches clinics, team meetings, etc.  This space can be used for more than just baseball and softball.  Many sports can utilize the drill areas and the netting to gain mobility, technique, and basic skills.  The hope is that we can build a stronger foundation for our youth sports that will translate in a greater enjoyment of the sport, catching up competitively to other communities in Oregon that do not face the weather challenges that we do, and to encourage more youth to participate in our communities programs.

There are a few steps that need to happen to get this up and running.  To see the bare minimum list of what we need to open the space click here.

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