At the Tillamook YMCA, we offer a variety of swim lesson options for swimmers of all ages and abilities, from parent/child to adult lessons. Our instructors take pride in providing the best instruction possible to help everyone reach their full swimming potential, learn water safety, develop self-confidence, overcome fears and improve their fitness level.

We offer morning, afternoon, and evening lessons Monday – Thursday as well as morning lessons on Saturdays. A class schedule with days and times can be found at the YMCA Welcome Center.

Swim Lessons

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Sharks Swim Team

The Tillamook YMCA Sharks Swim Team is a year round USA/YMCA Swim Team. The team competes in meets all over Oregon as well as some meets in Washington and Idaho. The Sharks swim team is made up of four different progress/competitive groups for all different skills levels and two USA/YMCA Swimming certified coaches.

Mandatory evaluation must be completed with a coach prior to registration. Please contact the head coach to set up a time.

Progressive Group

Introduction to Sharks: This program is designed for young swimmers to “test out” competitive swimming to see if they would like to pursue the sport.  Swimmers will be introduced to the four competitive strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle). The main focus of this group is is technique, turns, dives, streamlines, and learning swim team lingo. Swimmers are asked to attend all three days of practice, although there are not any attendance requirements for this level we do encourage coming as often as possible, as your swimmer will progress quicker. Swim meets are not offered to this group. *USA Swimming registration is not required.

Introduction to Sharks

Bronze:  This group is the first of our two developmental groups.  Swimmers will continue to perfect the four competitive strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle). Workouts will start to be introduced, but still the main focus is technique, dives, and turns. Competition is encouraged but not required for this group.  There are no attendance requirements for this level, but the more your swimmer practices the quicker they will progress. *USA Swimming Registration is required.

Swim Team

Competitive Group

Silver:  This group is the second of our two developmental groups. Swimmers will start to do their workouts more independently, with some guidance from the coaches. Technique, dives and turns will still be a focus but more time will be spent on work outs. Competition is required for this group, you must attend at least two meets per season. Swimmers are required to attend at least four days of practice a week. Remember, the more your child practices, the faster they will progress. USA Swimming Registration is required.

Swim Team

Gold:  This group is our competitive training group.  Athletes in this group are expected to maintain a 70% attendance rate to remain in the group. Those that qualify for championship meets are expected to have 85% attendance to compete at the meet. Swimmers in this group are expected to attend at least three swim meets during the short course season and two during the long course season.  USA Swimming registration is required.

Competitive Group Swim Team